Cheap Ways to Travel around Yokohama

Tripitaka of Cheap Volume 1 (2011)

(Written by: Willy Yanto Wijaya)

This writing is intended for those who at least already have some bits knowledge about transportation system in Japan, or those who want to explore more the Yokohama area with low cost, or those who have adventurous spirit and want to try new experiences. For those who come to Japan for the first time, I don’t recommend you to try the cheap methods written here, except for the option no. 1 (Akai Kutsu Bus) which is popular for tourists. Instead, I recommend you to take train/ subway, since train stations are easily found and most have English information, in contrast to bus stops which are difficult to find and mostly just in 日本語  nihongo (Japanese language).

Here are some of my compilations of how to travel economically around Yokohama area:


1. Akai Kutsu Bus

Akai Kutsu (Red Shoe Bus) is one of unbelievably cheap flat rate bus traveling around Minato Mirai Area. The fare is 100 yen for adult and 50 yen for a child per ride. You can get on this bus at any Akai Kutsu bus stops shown in the map below (click to enlarge image). This bus goes through the Minato Mirai 21 district areas, Port of Yokohama, Yamashita Park, as well as Yokohama China Town and the vicinity of Sakuragicho Station.


2. Yokohama Municipal Bus – One Day Pass

This Yokohama Bus One Day Pass is the most fascinating way to travel around all parts of Yokohama. With this One Day Pass, you can get on Yokohama Municipal Bus as many times as you like (in one day), and travel to almost ALL parts of Yokohama, spanning from Aoba-ku in the north up to Kanazawa-ku in the south. The price of the One Day Pass ticket is 600 yen for adult and 300 yen for a child. This One Day Pass can be bought at bus ticket counters or bought directly from the bus driver when you get on the bus. You can get the bus route maps for FREE from the bus ticket counters. They have the Japanese version map (complete list of all routes) and English version (partial list of routes), as shown below. (I also attach the high resolution bus routes maps for you in .pdf for both the Japanese and English version).

High Resolution PDF files:

Yokohama Municipal Bus Route Map (Japanese).pdf

Yokohama Municipal Bus Route Map (English).pdf



3. Yokohama Municipal Bus – Commuter Pass

This Commuter Pass (定期券 Teikiken) is almost same as One Day Pass, but for a longer period, such as for 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months. So, with this Commuter Pass, you can get on ALL routes of Yokohama Municipal Buses as many times as you like in the designated period (for example in 1 month). The great thing is that, if you are a student, you can get even further discount. I bought a one-month Yokohama Bus Commuter Pass with my university student ID card for 7560 yen when I did internship in an oil company in the Negishi area (south part of Yokohama).

Here is the list of the prices of commuter pass:


(Working Commute)

Student (Junior High School or older) Student (Elementary School or younger)
1 month 9,450 yen 1 month 7,560 yen 1 month 2,610 yen
3 months 26,930 yen 3 months 21,550 yen 3 months 7,440 yen
6 months 51,030 yen 6 months 40,820 yen 6 months 14,090 yen



Besides these three cheap ways, of course, there are still many other cheap ways to travel around Yokohama, depending on your specific needs. There are also such as: One Day Pass for Yokohama Municipal Subway, Minatomirai Line train One Day Pass (and combination ticket with Tokyu Line or other private train companies), combination of Yokohama Bus + Subway One Day Pass, etc).

If you know other cheap ways to travel around Yokohama, please feel free to write them in the comment box below. Please be careful that some detailed information written in this article might change in the future, thus if you notice any updates (changes) regarding the information above, please kindly notify the author or write it in the comment box.


(Yokohama Minatomirai at dusk, photo taken by author from a bridge north of Daikoku Pier – end of January 2011)


*Tripitaka of Cheap is a series of articles about cheap stuffs, economical ways of doing things in Japan. You are invited to contribute articles for these series, please send your articles to  karuna_lib  [at] The copyright of each published article will be owned by the author who wrote the article.


6 Responses to Cheap Ways to Travel around Yokohama

  1. myovaloffice says:

    Sayang yang Akai Kutsu Bus, rutenya masih terjangkau dg jalan kaki. Anyway, thanks buat infonya.

    • willyyanto says:

      tapi lumayan loh, dari sakuragicho ke motomachi aja uda hampir 2 km. =D akai kutsu ini cocok buat ngebawa jalan2 keluarga yg dtg dari Indonesia buat ngelihat daerah Minatomirai, he..he.

  2. UuN says:

    kalau dari yokohama station jalan kaki ke akarange soko kejauhan gak ya mas?

  3. deryl says:

    bagaimana dengan sepeda di sana? apa bisa di sewa?

    terima kasih. sangat berguna info nya

    • willyyanto says:

      terima kasih atas commentnya. 😉
      tergantung kota yg ingin dituju, tapi ada banyak koq jasa rental sepeda di kota manapun.. search Google saja.

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