How to Write an Equation without LateX in WordPress

(written by: Willy Yanto Wijaya)

For those who are not familiar with LateX, writing mathematical equations in WordPress might be something troublesome and confusing. Furthermore, many of you may not have much time to learn about the syntax of LateX.

So is there other way to write mathematical equations without LateX?

Yes, there is.


By converting the mathematical equation into a graphic (picture) file (such as .jpg, .png, etc)

How to do that?

Here are simple steps to do it:

1. Write the equation (such as using Microsoft Equation) in a Ms. Powerpoint slide.

2. Right-click the equation, and then choose “Save as Picture…”

3. Choose save as type .png  (I recommend to save as .png since generally it has better quality than .jpg. Actually so far as I know  .tiff is best but unfortunately this file type is not supported by WordPress)

Can we just directly uploaded the .png file? Yes, we can. But the result will be like this:

For those you who are perfectionist, I know that you will not accept an image with such a quality. Well, so let’s do another step:

4. Using a simple image software (such as Ms. Office Picture Manager), choose “edit picture”, then compress picture to document size. After that, just save the modified picture as a new file (.jpg or .png). (You will notice that the new file will have much bigger size, in my case it became about 29 kB from previously only 3 kB — but 29 kB is still reasonably a small size for webpage purpose).

When uploaded to WordPress, it looks approximately like this (.jpg file):

I suppose that this is already good enough. But if you still feel not satisfied, you can do this alternative step:

5. Using the picture (.png) file of step 3, increase the dpi of the .png file (using for example Adobe Photoshop or other software). When the dpi is increased, the file size will also increase. But we can reduce the size (using such as simple Ms. Office Picture Manager – just choose the “edit pictures” and then “resize” and then adjust the “percentage of original width and height” to fit our desired file size).

The above equation (.png) has the size just 26 kB (smaller than the previous 29 kB .jpg file and also better quality). I recommend you to do step 1, 2, 3 then 5 for best quality mathematical equation visual for WordPress.

If you have any ideas, comments, suggestions or other insights, please feel free to write them down in the comments section of this page.

Hope that this little tip/ trick can be useful for you..   =)

Btw, the above equation is the derivation form of van’t Hoff equation to determine the equilibrium constant of chemical reactions with respect to temperature change.


8 Responses to How to Write an Equation without LateX in WordPress

  1. I think this method is far more troublesome than latex, you need more than one (and not free) softwares to do this, and also it will be a nightmare if we need to edit the equations one day, especially in a case we have more than 20 equations in our post, and also how about fully-automatic equation numbering and referencing? I don’t think we can do that by this method. Furthermore, actually wordpress is not suitable to write scientific post with many equations, wiki-powered site would be the best.

    Just learn wiki+latex, it’s fun! :mrgreen:


    • willyyanto says:

      That’s true, if you are going to write a lot of equations in your wordpress blog =)

      But for those who just occasionally want to write math equation and no idea about LateX at all, this is one good option. Furthermore, things like Ms. Powerpoint, Ms. Equation, Ms. Picture Manager are just standard stuffs basically included in the Windows OS package nowadays.

  2. Achmad Syaiful Makmur says:

    Well, doing this is very great however, I think uploading images in wordpress is not so convenient.
    if only they had the same uploading style just like the facebook.

    • willyyanto says:

      Yeah.. uploading images in wordpress is not so convenient since wordpress is designed as a blog-style website, not an images hosting website.
      Facebook part for keeping images in albums is quite convenient; but if you want to add images in Facebook notes, it is also not convenient.. much more troublesome than in wordpress (since sometimes the position of the image in a Facebook note can shift to other location).

  3. fajar says:

    Well…. I’d better spend my time to concentrate on latex expression I write rather than waiting hundreds of small images finish uploading…..

    But is there any wordpress plugin to help? If so, please do share…..:)

    • willyyanto says:

      yes, that’s true, if you are going to write hundreds of equations, better learn latex expressions. 🙂
      this is just an alternative for those who rarely write equations on their blog..

  4. J. Tinker says:

    Thanks for the good tips. I prefer this method since I’m already familiar with image editing software.

  5. Annmarie says:

    I truly llove your blog.. Very nice colofs & theme.
    Diid you builkd this website yourself? Please reply back as I’m looking to create my very own website and
    want to find out where you gott this from or just what the theme is called.


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